Keepers of a long rural family tradition, we like to get involved, follow the recipes handed down by our grandparents, with an eye towards the future and innovation. An ambitious project that sees the Pride of the Earth, the Courage, the Ambition and the discovery of an Identity made of Smells and Flavors. We cultivate the Apulian biodiversity with our hands: seasonal vegetables, legumes and we take care of all our trees, olive trees, almond trees, fruit trees, without using poisons. Food safety, extra-virgin nutraceutical oil, we like to give a voice to our oil that tells stories of ancient myths and rites that saw him protagonist in sacred ointments and balsams. Item given by the added value inherent in every drop, a fascinating world made of values ​​that travel the field, the sensations and the discovery of new combinations. Our mission is to make people understand the difference between what is genuine and what is well done. Our work is a ritual, our extra virgin olive oil is an identity product, emotional, multifaceted, emotional and territorial. Oil is reborn. Extra virgin olive oil is also a means of cooking, a condiment, a nourishment. We organize resources better, using renewable energy sources for our production. In order to reach your table, from a short supply chain perspective, we ship all over Italy and abroad.