Every day we strive to guarantee the best quality of all our products.

The quality of our extra virgin olive oil, for example, is guaranteed by strict controls during processing, upstream and downstream, from analysis, from the traceability of the supply chain.

During the entire phase before the oil extraction checks are carried out on the state of the parasitic attacks of the plant and on the fruit, to ensure the highest quality at the time of harvest, which takes place by mechanical means and by hand to preserve the integrity of the fruit. The olives are then quickly transferred to the mill for pressing.

Once in the mill the olives are stored in perforated bins that facilitate the aeration of the fruit and then be put into the olive oil machine.

The extraction takes place cold, at a temperature below 25 ° C.

The processing involves the passage in different machines, each without any human intervention for which the product is not contaminated. At the exit of the centrifugal separator the oil passes directly through steel pipes into tanks of the same material, quality is assured.

Each batch of oil is tasted to evaluate the quality obtained.

The storage takes place at a temperature between 14 ° C and 16 ° C to ensure the freshness of the product and its fragrance unchanged over time.