The merits of an oil are attributable to the fruity, bitter and spicy.

Fruity is the value that recalls the smell and taste of the healthy and fresh fruit, harvested at the right degree of ripeness. Fruity can be more or less intense, green or ripe depending on whether it comes from unripe or ripe olives.

The bitterness is the value that is perceived in the back of the tongue and can be more or less persisitent

The spicy is the quality that is perceived especially in the throat and is the pungent sensation that is felt in the throat and that is very reminiscent of the chili.

Both bitter and spicy are very important because they are an indication of the polyphenols present in the oil, the same polyphenols that are important in guaranteeing their preservability and that are so good for the human organism.

The vegetal scents are those qualities, those sensations that are felt when the oil is taken to the nose and then found once in the mouth. Among the most common vegetable scents are the cut grass, the olive leaf, the apple, the almond, the tomato, the artichoke.