Certifications are the means to spread our values. For this reason we decided to certify our organic oil.

Organic farming is a method of cultivation that involves the use of all that is in nature, avoiding the exploitation of the soil, supporting the respect of the land and the natural fertility of the soil. In this regard, our company uses enrich the soil using what nature itself offers: extracts of pruning that are ground, along with leaves and sticks, which compose the natural compost. Our Organic is certified by ICEA.

For us, making organic farming means having developed and implemented, every day, a cultivation method that does not exploit nature from the point of view of soil, water and air.


HACCP is an English acronym, translatable into Italian as Analysis (Analysis) of Dangers (Hazard = measure of danger) and Control of Critical Points (Critical Point)

With this specification we intend to enhance three methodological principles: rigorousness, flexibility, simplification.

Traceability and traceability

Our products are identified by a lot and tracked and traced if necessary.


We do not use any GMO ingredients and we do not grow GMO products.

Periodic analysis

Our oil is subjected to periodic analysis that corroborate the genuineness and healthiness of the product.

Deratization and disinfection

We entrust to a specialized company the deratting and disinfection of our structure.

Work safety management system according to the UNI-INAIL 2001 guidelines

The adoption of an SGSL compliant with art. 30 of Legislative Decree 81/08 inotre has exemplary effect on the administrative responsibility of legal entities, companies and associations (Legislative Decree 231/2001)

Use of renewable energy sources

We are attentive to the environment and
we use renewable energy sources that are careful to choose products that limit soil erosion and pollution by minimizing waste creation and emissions into the atmosphere.